Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dinner Party

Tonight I had my first real dinner party. There were no less than eight of us!
It went pretty well except I had to cook a lot more rice than I had anticipated.
It was time to pay back my good friends Matt and Janire and Chris for all the meals they've cooked me over the last few months. They bought with them armin of seltzdesign and Santi (not sure on the spelling) who has just moved over from spain. My housemates Dan and Jeremy were also indulging.

We had Thai Yellow curry with Monkfish and Jasmine rice. I also made a Thai Red vegetable side curry. Monkfish is very nice indeed which is probably why it costs so much

When word gets around all my friends will be asking when they are to be invited....
I think next time will be lasagne though!

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