Friday, 17 July 2009

Back from Bilbao

Hey it's been a while amigos!

So I just (two weeks ago!) got back from my first expedition to Bilbao and I gotta say - "I ****kin love that place!" Not just Bilbao, the area in general. It was carnival season when I was there and every weekend a different town had a carnival with loads of live music so i was in Spanish heaven!
The last day was the most fun, we went to Vueltas San Juan Y San Pedro in Najera. The idea is to dance around the town all day drinking and throwing wine over everybody! Awesome! There is a video below so you can get an idea. It's a lot more fun than it looks believe me!

There are loads of musicians with saxaphones, trumpets and drums and Free wine. Woo hoo!

We also did some serious research while we were in Bilbao but thats for another post maybe....

Adios amigos!