Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Capital Punishment

Man, what a bummer.

So we went to London to wow the hordes of prospective students with our Interactive Table. We arrived in the Business and Design Centre in Islington at about 9am to set up armed with our blackout material for the roof of the stand.
Now, let me explain. The GMX in Manchester had a high roof with big red lights. After a couple of hours of confusion wondering why we were having problems with the table, we pointed the IR camera at te roof and realised that the big red lights were in fact beaming a big fat load of Infra Red light straight down - they must be heat lamps or something. So we went out and got some curtain blackout material for the roof of the stand and things were good.
Alas, the Business and Design Centre has a glass roof :(
Despite the fact it had been snowing in London the day before it was of course, a beautiful sunny day. Even with the stand covered the amount of light coming in was too much for our table and we were, as they say, scuppered.
We did get it working for the last half hour of the day when it was starting to get dark, but of course the thousands of students had pretty much all gone.
The free wine at the exhibitors reception was very nice though :)

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