Saturday, 5 December 2009

Friday in Bilbao

Went down in to the City yesterday to Bilbao Arté (thats the art centre you know) where we were to meet a van with 12 2.5x1 metre prints. They soon arrived in a van and we hurriedly offloaded them so that Bilbao's traffic flow wasn't too impeded. After struggling up 2 flights of stairs we unwrapped them and they were carefully scrutinized by people with eyes that work.
It seemed all was not well. There were bubbles, bands, wrong colors and I suspect, other more mysterious anomalies all of which were to the obvious displeasure of Matt and Janire. A phone call followed and if you have never heard an angry Spanish woman on the phone let me tell you; it makes a humming birds wing beats seem positively slow. Rapide!
Still, there was fun to be had on Matts new bike on the way home.

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